Gwen D'Arcangelis

is a scholar of gender, race and science working to impact organizing efforts, policy and public debates in ways which center the needs and perspectives of women and communities of color.


Engaged Scholarship   *   Applied Research   *   Writing   *   Programming   *   Feminist Pedagogy

Feminist Studies   *   Science policy   *   Public Health   *   Disaster Preparedness   *   Social Justice   *China

Contact & More Info:

darcange (at) & Resume/CV

(old school/new skool)

Contract work & Skill set

Research skills:
*content analysis/archival research (news, law, science and health journals)
*quantitative data analysis (statistics)
*ethnographic survey research

Writing experience:
*academic articles
*issue briefs

Teaching experience:
*college courses
*Self-defense instruction
*anti-oppression workshops
*high school tutoring
*guest lectures
*conference talks

Programming experience:
*conference organizing

Language skills:
*Mandarin speaking, reading, writing

Miscellaneous skills:

*copy editing
*video production