Welcome to English class!

Week of April 20th

This month we will study Community.  
We will compare long and short vowels.
We will practice Simple Present, Present Continuous and Past Tense.

If it snows a lot, please check these websites or call Hubbs Center.

                                                                                              hubbs.spps.org/  651-290-4822

Snow Emergency Information about Parking:

  • 651-290-4822

    *Wear your school ID at Hubbs Center.

    *No food in the classroom!!!  Only water!!

    *Come to class 4 out of 5 days each week!

Homework Assignments

  • 1) Daily homework paper. (from class)

    2) Practice the websites. (Useful links)

    3) Listen to the song. Sing along if you want to.