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anglais sansforcé / english

My work initially was assembling similar materials : result of an alternative process of constructivism / deconstructivism .Over the time it became  more informal, closer to a  dissociation / association process of images, ideas,  symbols, .This technique articulates, links,  mixes ,  tangles, unravels the thread of time.From the melting point to  chain , back and cross stitches , fragmented images   of memories  are sticked together .  Insubordinate conjunctions, my images are to settle  , overlap , follow one another , are similar in a  "lack"of style.
From 2002 to 2009
Exit ..... The sign takes a  staging meaning .  The body shape replaces its  geometrical rectangle symbol and becomes  a drawing motif :a trace of a silhouette on the ground, . The fabric weft shapes the body , welding seams evolves to embroidery ...... To be continued!!!