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2017 Ph.D. in Psychology
Advised by Prof. Karin Stromswold
Dissertation title: Acoustic Correlates of Syntax in Sentence Production and Comprehension

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ USA

2015 Certificate in Cognitive Science Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science (RUCCS)
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ USA

2015 M. S. in Psychology
Advised by Prof. Karin Stromswold
Thesis title: Drawing Comparisons between Drawing Performance and Developmental Assessments

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ USA
2011 B. S. in Psychology
Co-advised by Prof. Padraig O'Seaghdha and Prof. Barbara Malt
Honors thesis title: Action Packed: Applying Semantic Blocking to Reveal the Structure of Action Knowledge

Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA USA

2008 Specialized Diploma in Web Site Design Northampton County Area Community College
Bethlehem, PA USA

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IMPS522 Integrative Methods in Perceptual Science: Visual Search 2015 Spring Rutgers University Graduate Psychology, Perceptual Science 
LING610 Formal Methods in Linguistics 2015 Spring Rutgers University Graduate Linguistics 
LING520 Phonology I 2015 Fall Rutgers University Graduate Linguistics 
PSY513 Neurolinguistics 2014 Spring Rutgers University Graduate Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience 
LING670 Learnability and Linguistic Theory 2014 Spring Rutgers University Graduate Linguistics 
IMPS521 Integrative Methods in Perceptual Science: Visual Search 2014 Fall Rutgers University Graduate Psychology, Perceptual Science 
PSY637 Social Cognitive Development 2013 Spring Rutgers University Graduate Psychology 
CS504 Computational Modeling 2013 Spring  Rutgers University Graduate Computer Science 
LING510 Syntax I 2013 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Linguistics 
IMPS522 Integrative Methods in Perceptual Science: Motor Control 2012 Spring  Rutgers University Graduate Psychology, Perceptual Science 
PSY547 Computational Cognition 2012 Spring  Rutgers University Graduate Psychology 
PSY514 Sensation & Perception 2012 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Psychology, Perceptual Science 
COG500 Proseminar in Cognitive Science 2012 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Cognitive Science 
IMPS646 Integrative Methods in Perceptual Science: Motor Control 2011 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Psychology, Perceptual Science 
PSY521 Research Design and Analysis I 2011 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Psychology 
PSY515 Computational Vision 2011 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Psychology 
CS503 Computational Thinking 2011 Fall  Rutgers University Graduate Computer Science 
PSYC392 Honors Thesis in Psychology (Prof. Padraig O'Seaghdha and Prof. Barbara Malt) 2011 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PHIL116 Bioethics 2011 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Philosophy 
COGS007 Introduction to Cognitive Science 2011 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Cognitive Science 
BIOS120 Biology Core III: Integrative and Comparative 2011 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology 
BIOS383 Biological Sciences Colloquia 2011 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology 
PSYC161 Supervised Research (Prof. Padraig O'Seaghdha)  2010 Summer Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC107 Child Development 2010 Summer  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
CHM110 Organic Chemistry I 2010 Summer  Lehigh University Undergraduate Chemistry 
CHM111 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2010 Summer  Lehigh University Undergraduate Chemistry 
CHM113 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 2010 Summer  Lehigh University Undergraduate Chemistry 
CHM112 Organic Chemistry II 2010 Summer  Lehigh University Undergraduate Chemistry 
PSYC161 Supervised Research (Prof. Padraig O'Seaghdha 2010 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC305 Abnormal Psychology 2010 Spring Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC210 Experimental Research Methods and Laboratory 2010 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC320 Psychology of Language 2010 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
CHM031 Chemical Equilibria in Aqueous Systems 2010 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Chemistry 
PSYC391 Honors Thesis in Psychology (Prof. Padraig O'Seaghdha and Prof. Barbara Malt) 2010 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PHIL220 Theory of Knowledge 2010 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Philosophy 
JP001 Elementary Japanese I 2010 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Japanese 
BIOS371 Elements of Biochemistry I 2010 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology, Chemistry 
PSYC153 Personality 2009 Summer Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
SSP001 Introduction to Sociology/Social Psychology 2009 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Sociology, Psychology 
COGS117 Cognitive Psychology 2009 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology, Cognitive Science 
BIOS042 Biology Core I: Cellular & Molecular Laboratory 2009 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology 
BIOS041 Biology Core I: Cellular & Molecular 2009 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology 
ANTH176 Roman Archaeology 2009 Spring  Lehigh University Undergraduate Anthropology 
PSYC327 Health Psychology 2009 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC161 Supervised Research (Prof. Padraig O'Seaghdha) 2009 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC362 Cognition in Practice & Policy 2009 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
MATH051 Survey of Calculus I 2009 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Mathematics 
BIOS116 Biology Core II: Genetics Laboratory 2009 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology 
BIOS115 Biology Core II: Genetics  2009 Fall Lehigh University Undergraduate Biology 
PSYC258 Developmental Psychology 2008 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Psychology 
MATH150 Introductory Statistics 2008 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Mathematics 
ARTA140 Advanced Web Portfolio 2008 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Design 
ARTA136 Interactive Programming with Flash ActionScript 2008 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Design 
PSYC176 Cognitive Neuroscience (Mind and Brain) 2008 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
PSYC110 Statistical Analysis of Behavioral Data 2008 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate Psychology 
HIST041 U.S. History up to 1865 2008 Fall  Lehigh University Undergraduate History 
ENGL125 British Literature I  2008 Fall Lehigh University Undergraduate English 
MDLA113 Elementary Spanish II 2007 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Spanish 
ARTA130 Introduction to Web Site Design 2007 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Design 
ARTA138 Introduction to Video Game Design 2007 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Design 
CISC128 Client-side Scripting 2007 Spring  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Computer Science 
PSYC103 Introduction to Psychology 2007 Fall  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Psychology 
ARTA132 Web Animation with Flash 2007 Fall  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Design 
CISC115 Computer Science I 2007 Fall Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Computer Science 
ARTA107 Drawing I 2007 Fall  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Art 
GEOG150 Astronomy 2006 Fall  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Science 
ARTA170 Computer Graphics 2006 Fall  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Design 
CISC100 Computer Technology I 2006 Fall  Northampton County Area Community College Undergraduate Computer Science 
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