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Who We Are

We are the Robin Jeffery family comprised of:
     Robin Ian Stuart Jeffery - owner of Gweek Farm Jeffery and co-proprietor of Gweek Riding Center.  Robin came to Canada in 1957 with his 3 brothers and his parents Barbara and Robert Jeffery from Cornwall, England.  They came to Prince George for a job on a ranch in Kamloops, only to find the job was gone when they arrived.  They soon found another job at the Quick store working for Mr. Paddon.  Life in Canada was hard on the family at first, the winters were cold, no running water, wood heat, no electricty.  Soon they moved to Harold Kerr's house on the hill until their house on the 255 acres they bought was ready to move in to.  That acreage is Gweek Farm Jeffery, where Gweek Riding Center is and the Society for Creative Accrynism (local Medieval group) site.  They hold get togethers every June or July.
    Cindy M. Jeffery - owner/operator of Gweek Riding Center, has 6 morgan horses, CHA Standard Instructor Level 1 (specializing in beginner riders).  Born and raised in Chilliwack, moved to the Bulkley Valley in 1979 with two of her three children. Married Robin in 1985 and had a third child a daughter who also takes part in the running of GRC, training horses and teaching. Cindy has over 35 years of experience with horses, starting in the Fraser Valley, then continued when she moved here.  She has 25 years of teaching experience starting with the Quick 4H Horse Club in 1988, since then there have been numerous private lessons.  She has trained her own horses in the natural method along with common sense and respect.  Both Cindy and Robin have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and this shines through in there dealings with people.
    Hayla E. Jeffery - our daughter, continues to be involved with the horses and is a CHA Standard Instructor Level 2 and CHA Assistant English.  Currently she is due to have her first baby with her partner Matt Ewald.