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Predictive Search I Practice Questions

1) A six-year-old asked me: “What kinds of salmon do fishermen catch the most for us to eat and how much do they catch?”


2) A mom in South Carolina wants to know: “My family is going on a car trip to New York. My son is not excited about the drive, but loves octopuses, like the one at the aquarium in Charleston. What aquariums can we stop in along the way to see octopuses and keep him going?”

 3) I want to know about the negative impacts of slavery. I know there will be anti-slavery activists who talk about its downsides. What kind of results would I get for the search [slavery abolitionists]? How about for [slavery human trafficking]? What do you think the difference will be between them?


4) You may remember that last year, Justin Bieber suggested that, for his manager's birthday, everyone send him a YouTube video of themselves singing badly and asking, "Discover me!" Maybe you want to do that this year.... On what day of the week does his manager's birthday fall this year? A Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what?


5) A friend asked: "Suppose I wanted to get a sense of what fraction of companies that make the Fortune 500 have been in business for 100 years (or more). How could I search for that?"

Possible solutions