What Kinds of Lessons Do We Offer?

The Google Search Education Evangelism team draws from these slideshows when we teach our lessons about search and research.

We make them available to you here so that you can pull from them, learn from them, and use them in your own classroom. You are welcome to download the presentations and modify them as best works for you and your students, including taking just what you need or inserting curriculum-specific examples. 

These lessons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license. You can change them, transmit them, and show them to other people. Just always give credit to Google.com ("Attribution"), and make sure that any works you make based on these lessons are also under the same Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license ("Share-Alike").

You can find the legal language here.

Our Search Education Evangelism lessons fall into four categories:
  1. General master lessons covering various aspects of using Google Search for any audience,
  2. Nine modular K-12 lesson plans, formulated specifically for use with students in the classroom, and
  3. Lessons localized for specific regions (but applicable anywhere), these slideshows include more text for the self-guided learner, and appear in multiple languages. Simple to repurpose for classroom use. If you localize any of our lessons, please share them with us so we can make them available for others in your area to use.
  4. Webinars focused on a specific aspect of search. Archives of all past webinars are here, and you can join our list (announcement only) to be notified of upcoming classes.