Master Lessons

Master Lessons

For Users

Master Lesson 0: Intro to Browsers & the Web
What's the difference between a browser and a search engine? What are the different parts of a URL? What are the most common keyboard tricks to help you search faster? This class will orient you to the computer, the web, your browser, and start you on the road to searching better!

Master Lesson 1: Search Basics
This beginning class gives an overview of how search engines work. In this class, you'll learn to read and understand the search engine homepage and the results page, including some features specific to Google. You'll also train in techniques to help you pick the best keywords for your search, and learn keyboard shortcuts to make your search experience more efficient.

Master Lesson 2: Advanced Search, Visualization, and Query Formulation
This intermediate class builds upon basic search skills and addresses more complex topics such as long-form questions, synonym control, disambiguation, and searching for context terms. In this class, you'll also get acquainted with the Advanced Search page, Incognito mode and search history, and which words do and don't matter in your query.

Master Lesson 3: The Left-Hand Panel
This class broadly covers Google's different search corpora, allowing you to filter and fine-tune your searches within categories like Images, Videos, Books, Places and more. You'll also learn about cool Google features like Google Scholar, Google Trends, and Google Squared.

Master Lesson 4: Credibility
How do you know if a website is credible? How do you decide what to believe on the internet? How is credibility shaped by your own biases and beliefs? This class will explore the tricks and traps of "truth" on the web, and challenge you to come up with your own definition of credibility!

Master Lesson 5: Technical Tools for Search
This class covers a range of technical tools you can use to make your searches more effective. You'll dig deeper into the different Google corpora introduced in the Left-Hand Panel class, and learn to make use of advanced tools like Google Scholar and Google Maps.

For Teachers

Google for Educators Web Search Lesson Plans
Nine modular, mix-n-match lesson plans intended for use by K-12 teachers in their classrooms.

For Librarians

Advanced Search for Librarians
This is a specialized class for librarians focusing on different kinds of content and more advanced search techniques.

For Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Master Lessons 1-11
Select as needed, and edit as needed for your audience. These lessons were originally developed for use in Sub Saharan Africa, but can be adapted for other markets. Contact us for guidance on regionalizing these slides!