It ‘s ironic that turning 18 years old in the USA means you’re emancipated, because all it does is release you from being the responsibility of the foster care system. At 18 years old, you no longer have guaranteed housing, transportation, food or health service support. Over 25% of these young people end up homeless, more than 20% end up in prison and less than 1% can afford to attend and graduate from a college, university or trade school.

Here at Golden West College I have brought together a group of dedicated educators to address the needs of the Southern California Foster Youth pursuing their higher education goals. First hand, we hear the tragic stories of abuse and neglect that our students have faced. We look into their eyes when they tell us about their homelessness, transportation issues or the fact that they haven’t eaten for days. Yet they still come to our college. They try to overcome the barriers and they fight to succeed. Unfortunately, for many of them the obstacles are overwhelming and they are forced to give up.

It is exciting and humbling to me to play a part in bringing attention to this group of the most deserving and over looked young people in our society. It is not their choice that they are confronting these challenges, our society is at fault for letting them fall through the cracks. Here at Golden West College we are filling in some of those cracks to help these young people reach their educational goals.

One thing I promise you, we will make a positive difference!

We have created this website to provide Emancipated Foster Youth with helpful information and resources to succeed both academically and personally. We believe in going the extra mile to facilitate services and provide resources to our emancipated foster youth. We understand the challenges you face upon emancipation and want to provide you with a safe space that can provide you with the help and support that you need.


If you are ready, or thinking about attending college, make an appointment today!


We hope that you find the information useful and look forward to seeing you in our office soon.
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