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Research Plan

Thanks for visiting Clemson's Geoscientists Without Borders site!   
We will use this site to share information about our current GWB project with students, researchers, NGOs, government agencies, villagers, and you!  Look back to this site for information about our field site, profiles of the people we are working with, the methods we are using, project results, software, and an ongoing blog from the field by Dan Matz during his 6 month research trip to India over the summer of 2009!
We hope that this site might eventually act as a portal to provide those interested in humanitarian applications of earth sciences - and geophysics in particular - a place to get started.  Please feel free to send us suggestions or additions.  
About our project: 

The goal of our project is to assist villagers in addressing water scarcity in rural India.  We hope to empower local decision makers by providing hydrogeophysical tools that will assist them in making sustainable watershed management decisions.  To this end we are performing a case study in a watershed near Salri, Madhya Pradesh for which we will develop and demonstrate the integration of geophysical methods, electromagnetic induction in particular, with traditional hydrologic monitoring and modeling approaches.  The three types of problems our project will focus on are:

(i)    artificial recharge of groundwater by water harvesting,

(ii)   exploration for shallow groundwater resources, and

(iii)  managing water demand for irrigation.
For an overview of the project, you can view this presentation: 

Please recognize our friends and partners:
Thanks to the Foundation for Ecological Security, our NGO partner in India and the SEG Foundation for supporting the Geoscientists Without Borders program and funding our project. 




Project Manager:
Stephen Moysey
Assistant Professor
Clemson University
Dan Matz
M.S. Environmental Engineering
Clemson University
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