Colonial Brass

Colonial Brass is the University's pep band. "CBrass," as it's known, plays popular tunes ranging from Broadway to Queen to Lady Gaga.  The group performs at home games for both the men's and women's basketball teams, travels with the teams when they play in tournaments, and plays at other spirit-oriented events throughout the university.  We bleed buff and blue!

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GW Fight Song:

Hail to the Buff!
Hail to the Blue!
Hail to the Buff and Blue!
All our lives we'll be proud to say,
"We hail from GW" (GO BIG BLUE!)
Oh, by George we're happy we can say,
"We're GW, here to show the way!"
So raise high the Buff (BUFF!)
Raise high the Blue (BLUE!)
Loyal to GW
You bet we're
Loyal to GW (FIGHT!)