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Central Courtyard Was Not Attractive
The Poway Senior Center has a central courtyard that people must pass through to get to different parts of the building.  That's about all anybody used it for.  The courtyard's upkeep has been neglected for a while.  I'm sure part of the reason has been that the water got shut off at a remote valve.  As a result there was no irrigation available.  That made it very difficult to water the plants.

Weeds Grew
Of course, weeds will grow when flowers will not.  The courtyard ended up with a couple of beds full of weeds and no flowers.  While the weeds were growing (eventually, they even died from lack of water), the bush/tree in the corner spread and came  to look shaggy and unattractive.

Come Clean It Up
Paula, my wife is Office Manager there.  She knew I had an interest in volunteering some time.  She helped me get set up to do the job.  All I had to do was show up ready to work and with all of the necessary tools!

It Was Gratifying
The work wasn't overly difficult, but I did break a sweat by the time I finished.  Clearing the weeds out of the beds helped a lot.  But, the job I did trimming that tree into decent shape got the most comments.  Everybody thought it looked so much better.  Overall, I was told the work I did made the courtyard seem like a place people would now go to for a short break.  Or, to sit a while and read a little.

Opportunity Appreciated
I do appreciate the opportunity to help improve the Center.  I look forward to helping them in the future.

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