Meeting Location

The workshop will be held at Large Seminar Room of Subaru Building (W1) in Mitaka Campus of NAOJ.

Access Control for Buildings

To enter the Large Seminar Room, you need an access card.
At the guard house, you have to submit this document to get the card.

Access to Mitaka Campus

The webpage of NAOJ shows you the way to access Mitaka Campus. Below is the summary of it.

Narita airport =[Narita Express]=> Tokyo Station =[Chuo Train]=> Muasashi-Sakai Station =[bus]=> Tenmondai-mae.

From Narita international Airport, you can go Tokyo Station by Narita Express.

In Tokyo station, You have to change the train to Chuo Train. Please go to the platform 1.
Be careful to use "Rapid-Service Train" not "Special Rapid-Service Train".

Chuo train bring you to Musashi-Sakai station. Please get off there. If you use special rapid-service train,
the train do NOT STOP Musashi-Sakai station. You have to get off Mitaka station once and use normal train to go to
Musasahi-sakai station. 

From Musashi-sakai station, you can use a bus (or taxi). From the south exit of the station, you can see the bus stop number 3. From there the bus goes to NAOJ.

After riding on the bus, you have to get off at Tenmondai-mae.

It would be useful to confirm the way in the webpage of NAOJ.


Kindly make a reservation by yourself, please.
We show some hotel information here.

【around Musashi-Sakai Sta.】

【around Chofu-Sta.】
Tomoya Takiwaki,
Jan 11, 2018, 10:14 PM