Leadership Conference

The Fall Leadership Conference, started fall 2010, seeks to provide graduate women with the opportunity to gain communication and leadership skills.  The organizing committee comprises women from across MIT departments and has invited top experts to share advice.  (Left: MIT President Susan Hockfield greets students at the Fall '10 keynote.)

Events have included negotiation workshops, a workshop on assertive communication, and a networking workshop and reception with the Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA). 

What Attendees are Saying.

About the Negotiation Seminar ('10):
"Excellent!  Better than ever seen before!"

About the Wardrobe Workshop ('10):
"Perfect advice."

About the Personal Leadership Evaluation Workshop ('10):
"I learned to define what I needed to my environment and colleagues."
"I learned a leader is not born, [but] made."

Past Conferences.

Fall '14
Fall '13
Fall '12
Fall '11

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Fall '10 [website] [blog post]

Get Involved.

We assemble a fresh planning committee for each conference beginning in May for the following semester.  If interested, contact gwamit-leadership@mit.edu.