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Sunny Wicks

Sunny Wicks, Treasurer [swicks [at] mit [dot] edu]. I am a sixth year graduate student in Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering, in the Technology Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures (TELAMS). My research is centered on mechanical properties of carbon nanotube enhanced aerospace composites, and includes composite manufacturing techniques, large-area carbon nanotube growth, and polymer nanocomposites. I am interested in advancing materials for lighter, stronger, safer, and greener airplanes.

I started out in GWAMIT as an Aero/Astro department rep and joined the exec board since I was just so excited about how much GWAMIT had accomplished in its first year. The graduate women community has a real need for personal and professional development programs like the panels, workshops, and seminars put on so far by GWAMIT. I am continually inspired by the ability of the group to create fantastic programs by the collective energy and collaborative efforts of such energetic and motivated women.