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Sunny Vanderboll

Sunny Vanderboll, Women's Welcome Co-Chair
[sunnyvb [at] mit [dot] edu]. I am beginning my second year in the Master of Science in Transportation program, in the Civil Engineering department at MIT. My focus is on commercial air transportation, specifically in airline passenger delay. I use quantitative methods to evaluate the impacts of various air transportation policies on the delay that passengers experience at the airport, in order to provide insight into airline regulations and how passengers may be impacted.

Since becoming co-chair for the Orientation Women's Welcome Lunch, I've enjoyed the chance to work with the dedicated women on the GWAMIT board and my other two co-chairs. Planning this event, which serves as an introduction to GWAMIT for incoming women grad students, has been a wonderful chance to develop leadership skills, and has offered me the chance to network with the students, faculty and staff who care deeply for the success and advancement of women at MIT.