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Mitali Thakor

Mitali ThakorExecutive Chair [mitalit [at] mit [dot] edu].  I am a 3rd year PhD student in the HASTS (History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, & Society) Program at MIT. My research interests include sex work, sex trafficking, technology, and digital security. I am studying how networked technologies influence patterns of online sex trafficking and anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts. 
I am currently Co-Executive Chair for GWAMIT. I oversee leadership development efforts, Advocacy programming, and building collaborations with agencies at MIT designed to address diversity, community, and discrimination. Along with my co-chair Kay, I serve as a member of the Graduate Student Council's Executive Committee for 2012-2013.
I became involved with GWAMIT as part of the 2011 Spring Empowerment Conference planning team. I co-organized a panel on modern feminism, featuring inspiring local women who bridge their feminist identities with their academic and professional practices. In 2011, I helped launch GWAMIT’s Advocacy Committee, under the rubric of addressing issues of bias and intolerance on campus. I was also part of the 2012 Spring Empowerment Conference, organizing a session with the Editor of Racialicious on digital feminism and online tools for social change in interlocking issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality.
I was also on the GSC's 2011-2012 Executive Committee as Activities Co-Chair, organizing creative and welcoming events for the entire grad student community. In addition, I am a grad student member of the Women’s & Gender Studies steering committee, and also a Graduate Resident Tutor in the wonderful Maseeh Hall. I also dance for MIT's classical Indian dance troupe, Natya. I am passionate about teaching, curriculum building, and bridging university living and learning environments.
I graduated from Stanford in 2009 with degrees in Feminist Studies and Anthropology. I am committed to expanding my feminist research beyond academia, to constantly work on improving the communities that students inhabit. GWAMIT’s overarching goals of fostering a tolerant and welcoming academic environment for all students, as well as providing education and empowerment, have deep resonance for the entire MIT community. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas about critical diversity and wellness issues and building partnerships across the Institute. 
Personal Website: www.mitalithakor.com