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Lan Angela Li

Lan Angela Li, Marketing Chair [lanli [at] mit [dot] edu].  Lan Angela Li is a first-year PhD student in department of History, Anthropology, Science, Technology and Society (HASTS) where she studies the political, social, and theoretical histories of medicine in China and the UK.  Lan became interested in gender issues after graduating Barnard College and working as a freelance filmmaker for her alma mater.  She has produced a number of short videos ranging from women filmmakers in the States to women leaders in Africa, all of which have deepened her appreciation for the cultural complexities of feminist issues at home and abroad.

With GWAMIT, Lan hopes to continue exploring the variation of individual experiences of women at MIT as the Marketing co-chair.  Through her work with GWAMIT, Lan seeks not only to articulate the types of challenges that women face, but communicate, examine, and transform these challenges through film.