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Jean Yang

Jean Yang
, Leadership Development Chair
[jeanyang [at] csail [dot] mit [dot] edu].  I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science (course 6, area 2) interested in programming language design and program synthesis.  I believe that we can better leverage computing power to make it easier to write correct and efficient programs.

It is unfortunate that women leave male-dominated fields for reasons that include bias, isolation, lack of support, and lack of role models. I want to help women pursue their passions without facing so many challenges unrelated to their technical ability.

I helped found GWAMIT in fall 2009 to create an environment where all members of the community have well-informed discussions about issues such as implicit and explicit bias, "cultural" differences between genders, and work/life balance. I want to see these discussions translate into institutional changes that make MIT more woman-friendly.

To start provocative discussions about issues relevant to graduate women (from bias to collaboration to personal branding), I co-led our first conference in spring '10 and also the Spring '11 Empowerment Conference.  My other contributions to GWAMIT have been mostly related to branding and publicity.  I designed the GWAMIT logo and created the website.  From spring 2010 to fall 2011, I led our blogging efforts and maintained our social media presence.

Working with so many talented, passionate women has been one of my favorite parts of graduate school.  I look forward to training new leaders to take on GWAMIT's mission and enabling them to leave their mark at MIT.