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Bomy Lee Chung

Bomy Lee Chung, Events Chair [bomy [at] mit [dot] edu]Bomy is a third year Ph. D. student in the Chemical Engineering department. She is a member of the Langer Lab; her research is centered on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). According to the World Health Organization, CVDs are the leading causes of death and disability in the world. Given their prevalence in today’s society, Bomy is interested in finding more effective treatments for CVDs. Specifically, her research focuses on the use of nanoparticles for the diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis.

Bomy first learned about GWAMIT her first year at MIT, through their Welcome Lunch during orientation week. After attending several events hosted and organized by GWAMIT, she decided she wanted to be a part of GWAMIT and (very excitedly!) joined the planning committee of GWAMIT’s 2011 Fall Leadership Conference, helping plan the Entrepreneurship Panel. It was a very rewarding experience, and she decided to apply to be a part of GWAMIT’s Executive Board.

Through GWAMIT and its numerous events, Bomy has met countless women at MIT that she would not have met otherwise. She is impressed by GWAMIT’s accomplishments, and she continues to be inspired by its members. She is thrilled to be part of such an exciting organization, and she looks forward to working in GWAMIT to help other women at MIT grow, both personally and professionally.