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Alex Li Guo

Alex Guo, Leadership Development Chair [alexguo [at] mit [dot] edu]I am a second year graduate student in Electrical Engineering (course 6, area 4) interested in the design and fabrication of deeply scaled III-V Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS). Currently I am working on nano-scale metal contacts to III-V hetetostructures. My goal is to shrink the source and drain contacts of modern transistors in order to decrease device footprint and improve transistor’s electrical performance.

What GWAMIT has achieved in the past couple years inspires me to be part of this energetic team. Through many professional and personal development events, GWAMIT provides graduate women with tools to win their career battle while having a balanced lifestyle. My personal experience as a woman student in a male dominated field and my past leadership experiences tell me that there is something needs to be done, and with GWAMIT I believe I can really make a difference.