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GWAMIT Board Structure

Executive Board Positions

The GWAMIT Executive Board is responsible for oversight of all GWAMIT activities and initiatives, including GWAMIT's two annual conferences, the Orientation Women's Welcome Lunch, the GWAMIT Mentorship Program, and our Advocacy Committee.

Note: All positions are elected for a term of 1 year, from January-December.  All Executive Board members are required to attend weekly Executive Board Meetings and aid in execution of GWAMIT-wide initiatives (General Board Meetings, collaborative events, conferences, committees, etc.).

Executive Chair (2 positions)

 Core Responsibilities

·  Represent GWAMIT to external committees and initiatives including the Graduate Student Council, Women's Advisory Group, Alumni/Undergraduate Associations, Administrators, Deans, and relevant offices.

·  Organize fundraising strategy in collaboration with the Finance Chair.

·  Ensure execution of core operations activities including Executive Board Meetings (weekly), Executive Board Retreats (1-2 per year), and General Board Meetings (one per semester).

·  Oversee function and mentorship of GWAMIT committees.

Important Characteristics:

·  Charismatic, flexible, and interested in attending meetings.

·  Able to inspire, encourage, and support other GWAMIT leaders.

·  Networking skills for professional interaction with MIT officers.

·  Highly self-motivated, organized, and attentive to high-level visioning for the entire organization as well as day-to-day organizational dynamics of Executive Board and committees.

Required GWAMIT Experience: Previous Executive Board or committee experience.

Contacts: Alex Toumar (ajtoumar@mit.edu) and Nora Xu (noraxu@mit.edu)

Membership Chair (2 positions)

Core Responsibilities

·  Oversee initiatives for member engagement.

·  Oversee collection and analysis of membership statistics and surveys.

·  Maintain appointments of and communication with Departmental Representatives.

·  Foster Departmental Representative engagement.

·  Develop and manage weekly content for the GWAMIT website, blog, and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

·  Oversee creation and ordering of GWAMIT "swag" and supplies.

Important Characteristics:

·  Enjoys organizing and tracking participation trends, creating surveys, and analyzing and distributing results.

·  Creative and charismatic in engaging members and developing new strategies for recruitment and member appreciation.

·  Able to work with all Executive Board members to convey internal data with members through campaigns and events.

Required GWAMIT Experience: Previous exposure to GWAMIT events or activities. Must be familiar with GWAMIT mission.

Contact: Paula Ruiz-Castillo (paularc@mit.edu) and Wenda Tian (tianw@mit.edu)


Finance Chair (1 position)

Core Responsibilities

·  Maintain financial records and author budgeting and spending reports.

Propose and manage budget, and oversee financial health of organization

·  Manage reimbursements and account administration for GWAMIT, including working with account administrators

·  Author fundraising reports and organize fundraising initiatives and meetings in collaboration with Executive Chairs.

Important Characteristics:

·  Detail-oriented and highly organized

·  Enjoys budgeting, record-keeping, and working with money

·  Enjoys working with others, including planning committee members and other organizations, to handle reimbursements and spending

· Microsoft Excel proficiency and attention to detail required.

·  Previous financial/treasurer experience helpful but not required.

Required GWAMIT Experience: Previous exposure to GWAMIT events or activities. Must be familiar with GWAMIT mission.

Contact: Sarah Spencer (sjspen@mit.edu)


Secretary (1 position)

Core Responsibilities

·  Compile, format, and send GWAMIT Weekly Email Digest, GWAMIT Events Calendar, and works with Publicity Chair to keep GWAMIT Website event announcements updated.

·  Respond to Executive Board requests from external parties - i.e. potential collaborators or requests for advertising, etc.

·  Take and distribute minutes at Executive Board Meetings.

·  Manage GWAMIT email list servs.

·  Oversee creation and organization of planning committee and event documentation.

·  Mange the GWAMIT meeting minutes and internal documents with ongoing checks for efficiency and organization.

Important Characteristics:

·  Involved and aware of the breadth and scope of GWAMIT events, mission, and initiatives.

·  Enjoys maintaining the visual brand of GWAMIT in written communication.

·  Enjoys emailing potential collaborators and fielding requests for information from external groups.

·  Meticulous, punctual, and possess  strong written communication skills.

Required GWAMIT Experience: Previous exposure to GWAMIT events or activities. Must be familiar with GWAMIT mission.

Contact: Annie Marinan (marinana@mit.edu)

Events Chair (1 position)

Core Responsibilities

·  Oversee subcommittees planning of core events (Spring Empowerment Conference, Fall Leadership Conference, Mentoring Program, and Orientation Welcome Lunch)

· Work with outside groups (within and outside of MIT) to plan collaborative events

· Take the lead in planning social events with Membership Chairs and the rest of the Exec Board to plan regular social events

Important Characteristics:

·  Enjoys event planning.

·  Interested in working with collaborators and external groups.

·  Well organized, and understand how individual events can contribute to the larger GWAMIT mission.

Required GWAMIT Experience: Previous exposure to GWAMIT events or activities. Must be familiar with GWAMIT mission.

Contacts: Kelly Brock (kbrock@mit.edu)

General Board

We have a General Board of GWAMIT members working hard to put on our programming, maintain our mentoring program, and represent MIT's graduate women.


Conference Planning Committees
  • Planning Co-Chairs are responsible for planning
  • Advertising Chair is responsible for overseeing print and online advertising.
  • Logistics Chair is responsible for overseeing rooms and catering.
  • Event Leads are responsible for developing event content, interfacing with speakers, and interfacing with Advertising and Logistics teams.

Women's Welcome Planning Committee
  • Planning Chair schedules meetings and coordinates times.
  • Advertising Chair is responsible for print and online advertising.
  • Logistics Chair is responsible for room and catering.

Mentoring Committee

  • Planning Chair is responsible for overseeing the Mentoring Committee.
  • Event Leads are responsible for organizing mentoring events.
  • Survey Leads are responsible for designing matching and re-matching surveys.
  • Committee members help match and re-match mentoring groups each semester.


Advocacy.  Represent MIT graduate women through panels, meetings, and correspondence with institute offices and the GSC.

Departmental Representatives

Departmental Representatives serve as the liaison between their department and the GWAMIT board. Representatives are responsible for attending meetings once per semester to discuss GWAMIT and departmental activities.

If you are interested in a becoming a department representative, email gwamit-sec at mit dot edu

GWAMIT Members

Members receive announcements through our weekly digest, and attend GWAMIT-sponsored events.