GWAMIT Spring Empowerment Conference April 9-11 2013

Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT) is pleased to invite you to the third GWAMIT Empowerment Conference from April 9 - 11, 2013. The conference is aimed at the personal development of graduate women and provides a platform to discuss issues relevant to graduate women across MIT.

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How to Communicate to Establish Credibility and Authority


Michele Souda, Founder and President of

WORDPOWER Communications and Cambridge Communications, LLC

Time: Tue, April 9th, 5:00 - 6:30 PM (Reception following event)
Venue: E25-111 

Description: In over 25 years of communications consulting, I’ve heard professional women tell me that they want—and need—to be taken more seriously. They say that they “barely get to speak at meetings” and when they do speak, are “passed over” rather quickly. They say that they’re “not able to advocate for [their] ideas strongly enough.” They then don’t get the results and responses they want. They know that their professional image should be strengthened.

My talk will identify several reasons that professionals (especially women professionals) feel this way and what they can do to dramatically change things. And it is often not simply their own feeling: they are accurate in describing others’ assessments of them. There are fundamental and easily implemented strategies that can reverse this situation, and I’m pleased to present them.

Career Paths, Life Paths
Panelists: Prof. Muriel Medard (MIT), Dean Christine Ortiz (MIT), Prof. Evimaria Terzi (BU), Prof. Katrin Wehrheim (MIT).
Moderator: Prof. Anne E. C. McCants (MIT).
Time: Wed, April 10th, 12:00 - 1:00 PM (Lunch at 11:30) 
Venue: 32-D463 Star

Description: Four Cambridge-area professors who are in different stages in their careers and lives will provide insights into their life and career choices and share their stories with the audience. We hope to represent a diversity of professors who can describe issues such as: racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic background; choosing to have children or not; co-parenting as dual-career couples; being single and dating as a professor; and being an openly queer faculty member. 

Prof. Muriel Medard    Dean Christine Ortiz        Prof. Evimaria Terzi        Prof. Katrin Wehrheim

Prof. Anne E. C. McCants

Why is a Network for Women Scientists Valuable to You?

Speaker: Julia and Christina Tartaglia, The Scientista Foundation
Time: Wed, April 10th, 5 - 6 pm (Reception to follow)
Venue: 32-144

Description: Julia and Christina will be discussing why you should be in a network for women in science, and the value of community for female scientists. They will also reveal how they came to found their organization, The Scientista Foundation.

        Julia Tartaglia                     Christina Tartaglia

Keynote: Empowering Yourself and Other Women on the Road to Success

Speaker: Dr. Beth Lange, Chief Scientific Officer, Mary Kay
Time: Thursday, April 11th, 5 - 6 PM (Reception following event) 
Venue: 4-163

Description: We are not born leaders, but must learn how to lead along the road to success. Dr. Beth Lange will discuss the importance of taking responsibility for your own career and success, of embracing your uniqueness as a female leader, and of being a positive female role model. You will learn how enriching other women’s lives will make a positive difference in your life too.

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