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Networking Workshop **RSVP Required**

When: Wednesday, November 9th, 5-6 pm (with reception to follow)
Where: MIT, Workshop in 32D-463, Reception in R&D Dining Area (RSVP not required to attend the reception)
Speakers: Marilyn Wilson and Bob Dolan 
Description: Good networking skills can help you land coveted job opportunities, secure funding for your ideas, and jump-start collaborations.  Networking though can be intimidating.  Get over your fear during this interactive workshop where you will learn how to create a lasting first-impression within minutes, how to promote your ideas, and how to translate an introduction into a productive professional connection.  Challenges and misperceptions that women may face will also be discussed.  Following the workshop there will be a reception at which you can practice your newly learned networking skills with invited industry and academic professionals!

Speaker Bios

Marilyn Wilson, Senior Career Development Specialist


Marilyn has been with the MIT Career Development Center since 2001.  She provides advising and programming services for PhD students from all departments, and assists employers who wish to connect with PhD students at MIT.  In past years Marilyn worked with undergraduates in all fields and particularly the sciences, HASS, and DUSP.  Students with an interest in writing careers often consult with her.  

Marilyn received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont, and her Bachelors in History from Harvard. Within psychology she focused on neuropsychology, assessment, and development. She has previous work experience as a freelance writer, event manager, and nonprofit administrator.  Marilyn is active in community theatre both as an actress as on the production side.

Bob Dolan currently provides counseling and professional development workshops for various graduate and alumni programs at MIT. He has held both full-time and seasonal roles at MIT since 2005. Bob recently held the position of Associate Director of Counseling and Programs at Boston University before returning to MIT.

He is a Certified Job Search and Career Transition Consultant with experience in the field of Career Management since 2001. Before joining academia, Bob had a private Career Consulting practice and worked with clients across multiple industries, as well as, providing career consulting services for Lee Hecht Harrison, a leading global Career Management firm. Bob's clients spanned all industries and positions ranged from company Presidents to administrative staff. Bob is certified to administer both the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory assessment instruments. 

As a volunteer, Bob is active as a guest speaker at various career venues throughout the region and has provided career counseling at the Harriet Tubman House in Boston and Wellspring House in Gloucester Ma. He also provides career guidance to military personnel transitioning into the civilian workforce.

Prior to choosing a profession in Career Management, Bob worked in several industries as a member of Corporate Finance Management teams. Bob holds a BS in Business, an MBA, and worked in the Publishing industry, Chemical industry (polymer sciences), and 12 years in the High Technology sector, predominately in telecomm. During this time, he managed local and global finance organizations supporting the Corporate, Tax, R&D and Manufacturing Engineering functions. Bob was also a company trainer, delivering seminars on workplace diversity, effective presentation skills, and conflict resolution.
As a hiring manager for over twenty years, Bob brings a unique blend of "real world" and career services expertise to his clients. Since 2003 Bob has been on the Board of Directors and served six years as Treasurer of the Career Counselors' Consortium Northeast, a Boston-based non-profit organization established for the development and education of practitioners in the Career Management field.

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