How to Give  Scientific Talk Workshop **RSVP Required**
When: Monday, November 7th, 10-11 am (breakfast served at 9:30 am)
Where: MIT, 68-181
Speaker: Prof. Heather Duffy, Ph.D.
Description: Public speaking is an important part of a professional career. The ability to convey your message in a powerful manner is very important to career advancement. This presentation will focus both on the content of a professional seminar as well as review important factors in how to present to an audience. At the close of this session you will be able to put together a comprehensive presentation, give a professional level talk and facilitate audience participation in your work.

pening Keynote Address: Unlock Your Leadership Potential 
When: Monday, November 7th, 5-6 pm (with reception to follow)
Where: MIT, 32-155
Speaker: Christine Furstoss, Technical Director for Manufacturing and Materials Technologies at GE.
Description: An opening keynote by Christine Furstoss from GE Global Research will kick off our week long GWAMIT Fall leadership conference, 2011. In the addressm Christine Furstoss will highlight that being a leader is not the same as being a manager and will offer perspective on how every one of us can be a leader by building competencies and growing our sphere of influence. Afterwards, graduate women will get an opportunity to mingle with each other and Christine over refreshments at the reception. 

Entrepreneurship Panel
When: Tuesday, November 8th, 4:30-6 pm (with reception to follow)
Where: Whitehead Institute, Ground Floor Auditorium
Panelists: Bettina Hein (CEO, Pixability), Daphne Zohar (Manager/Founding Partner, PureTech Ventures), Prof. Rosalind Picard ( co-founder, of Affectiva, Inc.)
Moderator: Laura Ring 
Description: Do you want to work in academia? Do you want to go into industry? What does it take to start a successful organization in either or both? Entrepreneurship is not only about new businesses, but also about innovation and leadership. Join us for a panel with three successful entrepreneurs, all from very different fields: Dr. Rosalind Picard - academic entrepreneur at MIT, Ms. Daphne Zohar - serial entrepreneur and biotechnology venture capitalist, and Ms. Bettina Hein - entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Pixability. The panel will be moderated by Ms. Laura Ring, former VP of Castile Ventures. After the panel, join the panel members for a small reception, where you will be able to interact with panelists and fellow graduate women!

Time and Stress Management Workshop ** RSVP Required**
When: Wednesday, November 9th, 10-11:30 am (breakfast served at 9:30)
Where: MIT,  32D-463
Speakers: Zan Barry and Lauren Mayhew
Description: Too much to do in too little time?  Feeling stressed out?  This workshop will help you find ways to improve time-management behavior and overcome stress so you can balance a successful career with a happy, healthy lifestyle! Attendees will be introduced to a range of time management and stress management strategies, including an introduction to mindfulness techniques.

Networking Workshop ** RSVP Required**
When: Wednesday, November 9th, 5-6 pm (with reception to follow)
Where: MIT, Workshop in 32D-463 , Reception in R&D Dining Area (RSVP not required to attend the reception)
Speakers: Marilyn Wilson and Bob Dolan 
Description: Good networking skills can help you land coveted job opportunities, secure funding for your ideas, and jump-start collaborations.  Networking though can be intimidating.  Get over your fear during this interactive workshop where you will learn how to create a lasting first-impression within minutes, how to promote your ideas, and how to translate an introduction into a productive professional connection.  Challenges and misperceptions that women may face will also be discussed.  Following the workshop there will be a reception at which you can practice your newly learned networking skills with invited industry and academic professionals!

Closing Keynote Address: "From Unlocked to Unleashed: Leadership in Your Life"
When: Thursday, November 10th, 10:00 - 11:00 am (breakfast served at 9:30 am)
Where: Whitehead Institute, Ground Floor Auditorium 
Speaker: Lila Ibrahim, Partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley
Description: You know the "keys to success", so now what? Lila Ibrahim, partner at VC firm KPCB and former Intel executive, will show you how to put these together in your life, as you make your path to leadership. During her keynote, Lila will focus on the transition points of our lives, and what the keys to leadership mean at each of them. She will offer insight into practical strategies for attendees to integrate leadership into our lives, and define our own measures of a successful career. The event will include a Questions and Answers session, and be preceded by breakfast.