I was disconnected from the deepest love of my life – discovering the amazing beauty in nature. Capturing this beauty with my camera was suddenly lost to me. All I had left was to face the darkness and the uncertainty of my future alone. My limited sight was saved, I did adapt, and am restored in the joy of my greatest passion – photography. I continue to discover beauty all around me, and I can truly say that I am living the happiest days of my life.

From my earliest sensorial memories this wonderfully rare part of the planet has been the closest to my soul. Throughout my life I have returned to walk up its hillsides, down from the headwaters mysteriously oozing from the base of Black Butte Mountain, and along the many streams that feed its graceful flow... River Borne!

I often find myself on a favorite ridge, overlooking the valley, with Black Butte Mountain as the sentinel to the south. From this point, I quietly observe the waves of clouds rolling east, down the Cascade Mountains, every hill, mountain and ravine creating its own atmosphere. The most perfect moving opera for the eyes.

Random shape dominates over color, exposing nature’s footprint, requiring different vision, expertise, tools, as well as different film to accurately reflect its form. Yet, there are those even more magical moments in a single discovery when the blush of Nature’s crayons AND the physique of Nature’s frameworks are equally powerful, both deserving reflection.

Oregon's tender beauty is obvious to those who hike its countless trails. Its gracefully changing seasons, whether seen through critical eyes of a professional photographer, or through the open eyes of a child, offer lifelong, healthful rewards for the body, as well as mind. I am proud to call Oregon my Home, the place of my birth, no matter where my feet and curiosity might carry me.

If there were a paradise of faces, of glowing smiles, of open innocence, it would be Mexico. Its long and heart-felt path toward the beauty of the spirit is apparent to anyone willing to open up their senses. There is a romance in the air as in no other land. It sings a song to me every day to walk upon its Mayan ruins, swim in its countless cenotes, dine on its food, gaze upon their passionate a lover calling me from beyond the horizon.

Unexpectedly, I am captured by the evidence of the human condition, written upon its walls, its vehicles, its buildings ....objets d'art left behind as a novel statement of where we've been and where we're going.