Born in 1949 in the mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon, Gary's early interest in landscape was inspired by 
numerous fishing, 
hunting and camping trips with family. For him, these were sensually visual adventures, taking in Oregon's natural beauty. 
His expressive outlets were passionately artistic, often with drawing pen to sketch the contours of humans, as well as hillsides.

His 25 years as a successful freelance graphic designer of award-winning corporate projects, including an internationally 
acclaimed self-published nature storybook, "FIRE MOUNTAIN, The Eruptions of Mount Saint Helens", afforded Gary the 
unique freedom to travel timelessly beyond the desert and shores of the Northwest to Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, 
the Caribbean, and the South Seas. On these journeys he progressively honed his photographic skills , as cameras had become 
familiar tools learned from working closely with many renowned professional photographers.

In 1995, during an extended photo-essay project in Rarotonga, unknowingly Gary's kidneys stopped functioning. By the time 
he returned to Portland, his condition had progressed to critical, and only immediate emergency care and permanent dialysis 
saved his life. Facing a tragically restricted new lifestyle, his heroic sisters offered their own organs for donation - one a rare, 
perfect match. After surgery and recuperation, Gary returned to nature with a deep view of his own, passionately appreciative 
of living and what he sees. He now travels close to his home near the shores of the Metolius River in Central Oregon, or as 
far as his curiosity will take him, with fine large cameras, and a committed desire to share his discoveries of life and light.

Many of his images may be seen personally at his 
Sisters Gallery & Frame Shop (Gary is also a truly creative and skilled framer!)..... 
located at 252 West Hood Avenue, Sisters, Oregon, 97759

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