Genetics Webquest

Answer questions on your own binder paper! Before you begin write name, date, period in the upper right hand corner of your paper, and title in the top middle is "Genetics Webquest".  Always answer with complete sentences and put the question in the answer. For all questions with a blank space write out the entire sentence and fill in the blank.

What is DNA ( look at the navigation bar and click on What is DNA?)
1)  Why is DNA important?
2) What does DNA stand for?
3)  Why is DNA called a blueprint? 
4)  The "twisted ladder" shape of the DNA molecule is called a ______________.
5)  Name the four bases found in a DNA molecule. 
6)  A DNA strand is made of  _________ which make up __________ which make up sentences. 
7)  These "sentences" are called ________________. 
What is a Gene?   ( just look at the navigation bar and you'll see What is a Gene? ) 
8)  What is a gene?
9)  Blood cells use a protein called ___________ to capture and carry oxygen.
10) When a gene is changed, it is said to be ________________.
11)  A mutation in the hemoglobin gene cause what disorder? 
12)  If you stretched the DNA from a cell out, how long would it be?
13)  How many chromosomes are in a human cell?  In a mosquito?   In a carp?
14)  How is a protein like a car engine? 
15)  Receptor proteins are responsible for picking up _______________.
16)  Each gene in DNA encodes information on how to make a __________.
17)  Once in the cytoplasm, the _________ reads the message. 
18)  The passing of traits from parents to a child is the basis of __________.
19)  Every child receives  _________of its chromosomes from his mother, and _________from his father. 
20)  When a sperm and egg join, they create a single cell called a _________.
21)  Each child inherits a _________ set of chromosomes. 
22)  Give an example of a physical trait:  _______________
23)  A dog fetching a bone is an example of what kind of trait.  
24)  Scientists describe the set of information for each form of a trait as an ____________.
25)  What is the base pair rule? 
26)  Draw a small 5 base pair DNA molecule showing how A/T and G/C go together.
27)  Define transcription. 
28)  Define translation.
29)  Follow the instructions for the activity.  List the amino acid sequence you created. 
Click here then click "Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction"

30)  to 35…click on at least 5 organisms and then write what they are, and if they reproduce sexually, asexually, or both.

36)  Explain the trait that causes cats to have an extra toe.
37)  Do red heads have a higher chance of skin cancer?

38.) Do this simulation. How can DNA extraction be useful? 

39.) Game
Mouse Party -  follow the directions and drag the mice to the chair to observe how the brain is affected