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Who is GW7AAV?

My name is Stephen but most of my friends call me Steve and I am married to Helen GW7AAU. When I am not working or talking around the bands you can usually find me monitoring 145.500 and GB3CR on 433.150 both from home and mobile. I also have an NOV for 5mHz and monitor FE (5.3985) for SOTA.

Helen and I are members of Flintshire RAYNET which is part of the UK national voluntary emergency communications service RAYNET and take part in providing communications for charity and sporting events as part of our self training for disaster recovery operations. RAYNET works closely with the emergency services and comes under the control of the county emergency planning officer. Events in the past have involved police, fire, ambulance, army, RAF air/sea rescue, mountain rescue, St Johns and Red Cross ambulance volunteers, army and air force cadets, the WRVS and the local 4x4 club. I would encourage all radio amateurs to join their local RAYNET or equivalent, to enjoy what can be a very rewarding aspect of the hobby and be ready should the need arise to help ones community in its time of need.

I have become interested in SOTA (Summits On The Air) and have become an active chaser, making contact with as many activators as possible and sometimes I activate as well with my XYL Helen GW7AAU or one of the many friends I have made on the air. The great thing about SOTA is that it gets radio amateurs out of the comfort of the shack and into their hiking boots. Get fit and play radio at the same time! Look at the photographs on QRZ, boy do some of us need it. What started in the North West of the UK is spreading world wide so come on and join the fun. With rigs like the Yaesu FT817 HF SOTA is really taking off. I can’t wait to get my first US summit in the log. Come on you guys what is the hold up?

On HF I have a Kenwood TS140S with a homebrew trap dipole for 40 and 80 metres, dipoles for 5mHz and 17 metres plus verticals for 6, 10, 15 and 20m. My favourite band at the moment is 5mHz but that may change when I get my tri-band beam up, as I like the rarer DX on the higher bands.

Away from radio my interests are computers (I have a large home network), photography, golf, swimming, hiking and cycling. I enjoy reading and am a big fan Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt and Tom Sharp (I enjoy a good laugh). I am also fascinated by the historical maritime novels of Patrick O’Brian (Master and Commander) and through that have developed an interest and respect for the heroism of the British Navy in the time of Nelson and the Napoleonic wars. I enjoy music ranging from classical to heavy metal and spend a great deal of time trying to beat my children at computer games, such as YoHoHo Puzzle Pirates I don’t watch much TV these days but enjoy sci-fi such as Star Trek and films with good stories or great special effects.

If you have bothered to read all that lot and still have nothing to talk with me about then I will be happy to just have the 5/9, next please treatment, but I’m always ready to ratchet jaw when the time and bands allow.

View my SOTA photographs here...