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CWQSO - Send and Receive on your PC

CWQSO allows you to practice sending and receiving CW in a real QSO! 

You can send CW via the mouse buttons or an attached paddle, the CW you send is displayed on CWQSO. Send KN and CWQSO generates the other operators response to you for you to copy. Send KN again and the second over is sent to you. You can also practice the top 100 words and send QSOs to a text file.

The programme is completely FREE but a PayPal donation would be appreciated to cover the cost of development software. 

 Download here or at the bottom of the page for more options.

Using the buttons on your mouse as the paddles or you can 'adapt' a mouse to interface with our paddle. You can send with your paddle and see where improvements can be made, it's not Iambic (mouse buttons don't do Iambic!) but please have a go and have some fun.

The mouse needs to be over the application to work, it's as simple as that. Oh apart from the fact that all PCs vary and the time between dots/dashes, the spaces, can be different, so there is a 'fine' adjustment included. Alter this until sending H is received as a H rather than 'e e e e' and your on track.

Callsigns are totally random (limited to UK at present but due to expand), I will be adding more options and randomisations as I progress, your feedback will help!

The program is free to use and distribute to all those interested in CW, I don't charge for my time and Google provide this site for free but the software to write programs like this is expensive and updates are required from time to time so if you do feel able to contribute I'd be very grateful.

Butcher an old mouse and wire the switches to a 3.5mm jack and plug your keyer in or just use the mouse.

Pretty simple wiring, harder to get the thing back together. I never had a 3.5mm socket free but I did 'adjust' an old lead....

It won't run a rig yet but it will be useful to practice CW when the PC is on.

Have fun and let me know what you think for the next release.

Martyn Jones,
25 Jun 2010, 03:48