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LDG Z100 Autotuner

This was purchased to replace the MFJ-902 before it had the modifications made to it. It is a good auto-tuner but will not match the range of impedances of the 902.

I won't go into the specifications, they can be found on the LDG website with the manual but if you're looking for a 100 Watt, 3.5 MHz to 30 MHz auto-tuner to sit in the shack then I don't think you can much better value for your well-earned cash. 

The unit has been discontinued but can be picked up second hand for under 100 GBP. 

The Z100 is very simple to operate and if you use it with a base station and permanent aerial installation it makes operation a breeze. Power can be provided from a separate PSU or your rig's interface but be careful - the Yaesu FT-817 will not provide enough current for it to operate.

Mine is hooked up to the IC-718 -via a homemade cable and interface connector (butchered PC power plug) and works great. It allows me to tune (not a full tune just a memory tune) from the front panel of the IC-718. Power is supplied via the rig but I have also carried out the modification to power the unit from internal batteries, it was really easy and will be great when I go portable with the 1320.

I tuned to the CW section of each band and did a full tune, then the same for the SSB section. These are now stored and when I switch bands I just need to do a quick memory tune from the front panel of the rig and the unit tunes in less than a second. A full tune takes about 3-4 seconds.

You can take the tuner out of line with a long press of the front panel button, this is done automatically when I change bands on the IC-718.

Shame it's not still in production - I'm glad I got mine when I did!