Palm Radio Mini Paddle

I needed a paddle I could take with the TenTec 1320 in the car or portable. The Bencher is far too heavy and cumbersome and I didn't want to shift it from the shack when the need arose.
The Palm is the paddle of choice I believe and I can see why! The Palm Radio web-site shpws the mechanics and options of the paddle but you have to purchase from a UK supplier with prices from £50 - £65 depending on the mount you get. Christmas money paid for this one!
I chose the Magnetic mount as it will site nicely on the side of the 1320. The paddles retract into the case for protection when not in use.
This is the Paddle as supplied,  the Paddle box is square so the mount will mount on the bottom, sides or the top, the magnets are really strong and the Allen key is securely stored in the base for any adjustments needed.
A press of the 'button' on the base (or just pull out) and the inards of the paddle are available. It is decptively simple and you have the feeling that you could make one just as good but the build quality is superb!!!
All the parts are custom made and very robust, the adjustments are easy and I only changed the gap (the supplied maual tells you all you need to know - it too is high quality). Put the Allen key back in the base and push the cover on again and your in business.
In use, the paddle is a dream and I sometimes wonder 'why the Bencher'. together with the PicoKeyer and 1320 iI hope to have a lot of fun!
The 1320, PicoKeyer and Palm Mini Paddle