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2010 Project Course Schedule

April - External Design Reviews
External Design Reviews

March 30 - Internal Design Reviews
Lecture: [PPT]
Intellectual Property
Internal Design Proposal Presentations
Submit final design proposals in PDF
1. Many software packages will save files in PDF format. If they do not you can use the following software. It acts like a printer and when saving it will ask for a filename.
2. Once you are done generating the PDF files, they can be joined with the following software to make a single PDF document.

March 23 - Internal Design Reviews
Internal Design Proposal Presentations
Add text to Design Proposal
Revise designs as necessary
When approved by manager - set up time to present to sponsor

March 16 - Presentation Skills
Lecture: [PPT]
Peer Evaluations
Get open time slots
Design Proposals
Presentations [General] [Crappy] [OK]
Manager Meeting:
Discussion of submitted proposal
Plans for detailed design review
Schedule detailed design review time
Book - Read pg. 87-92 - speaking
Book - read pg. 93-98 - written communication
Prepare the Design Presentation
Peer Evaluations to be submitted by Friday

March 9 - Detailed Design
Lecture is not run - students to work on Detailed Design Proposals
Submit Design Proposals (on Paper) by 8am Tuesday March 16

March 2 - Design Techniques
Lecture: [PPT]
Detailed Design Work
Review of Graduation Criteria and Triage
Manager Meeting:
Address detailed design -> 2 weeks remain.
Students should bring drawings, calculations, GUIs, code details.
Continue detailed design - due Tuesday March 16 by noon.
Book - read pg. 291-299 - Problem Solving

February 23 - Budgets
Lecture: [PPT]
Creating and Managing Budgets
Other Project Logistics
Visit from Mr. Bero and Mr. Grew
Manager Meeting:
Review of design progress
Review of ongoing detailed design
Discuss budgets
Review the detailed budget for the project and add a column for logistic items
Book - Read pg. 261-269 - Money

February 16 - Teamwork and Leadership
Lecture: [PPT]
Career Services - Mr. Demmon
Teams and Motivation
Manager Meeting:
Review of design progress
Review first round of detailed design
Plans to resolve outstanding items - should have accepted design concepts and completed prototypes and tests
Book - read pg. 175-202 - Managing
Book - read pg. 277-289 - Total Quality Management
Book - read pg. 145-169 - Motivation
Career Planning - IEEE Career Planning Guide PDF

February 9 - Detailed Design and the Proposal
Lecture: [PPT]
Going from Concept to Detailed Design
Return Application to graduate
Manager Meeting:
Launch detailed design (ONLY IF CONCEPTS APPROVED)
Review budget
Review tests and prototypes
Book - read pg. 203-206 - Etiquette
Book - read pg. 305-329 - Teamwork Skills
The first round of high level design should be complete and documented (Note: little/no writing) by next Tuesday
If you have not already - complete the surveys for the online standards courses.
Careerfest - Tuesday February 9 2-6 pm at the DeVos Place. Information:

February 2 - Project Management, Meeting, and Communication
Lecture: [PPT]
Management Topics
Meeting Planning and Execution
Manager Meeting: (postponed by speaker)
Review of testing and prototype plans
Review draft budget
Setting up meetings for Concept approval
Review of weekly progress
Review of team spreadsheet and web pages
Review of team concepts with approval to ask sponsors to signoff
Develop a needed set of concept tests and prototyping plans - add these to the team spreadsheet
Complete the standards online course

Book - read pg. 211-255 - Management
Review the problems on pgs. 81-83 and select your top 3, then select a strategy to overcome each problem. Share these with your team on your google group on a page entitled 'Homework Communication Issues'

Set up a meeting with the sponsor to review concepts, prototypes, and tests.
As a team - review the Ultimate Meeting Checklist and list the items on your team page called 'Homework Agendas' that you plan to include in your next sponsor meeting.
Begin adding agenda items at the top of the minutes spreadsheet and mark these as 'agenda' under 'status'.
At the next meeting limit the discussion to agenda items.
Book - read pg. 99-108 - Effective Communication
Book - read pg. 113-139 - Effective Meetings
Book - read pg. 345-372 - Ultimate Meeting Checklist

Component identification (one or more is recommended)
GlobalSpec ( and ThomasNet ( - these do not have prices
Regular places (Digikey, Mouser, Grainger, etc).
Also eBay, and Google/Yahoo/amazon Shopping.
Call a supplier and ask.

January 26 - Concept Evaluation
Lecture: [PPT]
Risk Analysis for Concept Selection
Gantt Charts
Manager Meeting:
Review of draft specifications - sign-off before next class
Review of Schedule to Date
5 Strengths and Weaknesses for each team member
Develop design concepts and risk ratings in spreadsheet - add testing plans for high risk concepts
Add (if not already there) a new tab in the spreadsheet called 'Gantt Chart'. Add a Google gadget for the Gantt chart and add details to the project schedule.
Complete the time management questions on pgs. 41-42 and share with your team-mates on Google Groups in a page entitled "Homework Time Management"
Complete the check-list on pg. 48 - this has/will be distributed by email in survey form.
Book - Read pages 60-72 on delegation, pages 77-86 communication
Begin working on online standards courses - completion due in two weeks

January 19 - Project Planning and Specifications
Lecture: [PPT]
Business etiquette, decisions, the design process, specifications
Manager Meeting:
Review of team spreadsheet and individual websites
Review of questions and approval to visit sponsor
Review of personality test scores in meeting
Outstanding issues
Go through the list pgs. 3-7. Select your individual 5 top strengths, and 5 biggest issues. Put them in a page entitled "Homework Teamwork Skills"
List general project steps on the Gantt chart tab on spreadsheet (other details can wait). Use the material on pgs. 9-24 to help.
Develop a detailed set of specifications in preparation for specifications signoff. Submit the draft next Monday.
Begin developing concepts and tests to determine feasibility. First draft concepts should appear in notes. Details for tests/prototypes should appear in notes.
Read Textbook pgs. 37 - 59.

January 12 - Team Assignments and Project Launch

Laptop (or some form of internet able computer)
Lecture: [PDF]
Review Syllabus [Doc]
Meet the course Faculty; Drs. Jack, Mokhtar, Pawlowski, Pung, Rhodes, Sterian
Team Assignments; google groups, project description, room access, spreadsheets
Class/Team Picture(s)
Pictures and Profile on gmail
Meeting Times
Some free software if needed - - email is
Team Meeting
With team and Manager/Mentor - Cell Phone number, email
Verify access to project spaces
Discuss individual skills and abilities
Meeting with Managers and Advisors
Disclose any issues or problems
Check email addresses and pictures
Check entries in spreadsheet
Check for notes webpages
Review requirements of project
Expectations of interactions with managers and mentors
Complete and submit Agreement [doc] with your signature
1. Background research on the project - document on google groups page called 'BACKGROUND'.
2. Develop a set of questions for the sponsor due before the next class to mentor and manager. - page called 'FIRST_MEETING_PREP'
3. Arrange a meeting with the sponsor after Jan 19.
4. Personality Type Test ( - Post the results in a discussion topic called "Homework Personality Issues". Look at your teammates scores before the next class.
5. Read up to page 36 in Textbook.

- Please make sure your gmail account is ready to go. As part of this I ask that you do/verify the following items
   = Upload an image of yourself to your gmail profile
   = Get familiar with the Documents functions - text, spreadsheet, etc.
   = Get familiar with the Groups pages
   = Enable video conferencing in Google chat if you have a webcam.
- When you have time please watch some episodes of the shows "Mythbusters", "Prototype This" and/or "Smash Lab". These give a nice insight to the prototyping process. The online addresses below can be helpful. Note: Prototype This contains more ECE content than Smash Lab.
- Have a look at the senior project site
- Create a bookmark in your Browser to the Course log page.
- You may want to look into Dropbox or a similar site that can be used for sharing large files (up to 2GB free). These can be set up to automatically sync between multiple users. A good ECE alternate to these services is subversion.
- We may use DimDim as our videoconferencing tool. You should sign up for an account at the address below. This will allow voice, webcam, document, whiteboard, desktop, etc. sharing. There is no charge for small user groups. This service is very much like Webex.
Application for Senior Project Due to engineering office (and make sure you are registered)


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TinyChat (voice and video) -
WebEx (Free Trial)

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