I have decided to shutdown GVMax after the site's server got hacked last week. Keeping a server up and secure is just too much work for me. 
It was fun while it lasted, I estimate it handled around 30 million SMS and Voicemails in the 5-6 years it ran for.
Thanks everyone for your support and understanding. 

If you need help setting up SMS/Voicemail related programs for your business and would like to hire me contact me on gvmax@gvmax.com.
It does not have to be tied to Google Voice.

Here are a few examples of programs I have written in the past.
  • SMS auto-reply for a smoking cessation program targeting expectant mothers. 
  • SMS auto-reply for http://friendswithnumbers.org/
  • A bunch of SMS and Voicemail servers for magic applications.
  • Google voice voicemail to human transcriptions
  • Backend support to various Google Voice clients.
  • SMS monitoring and alerting systems.