Google Voice Locations, available on the Android Market, adds location awareness to Google Voice controlling ring settings based on real-time location.

It also features a money saving Callback Dialer that allows users to initiate calls from any phone linked to their account.

Google Voice Locations is Free Open Source Software (FOSS) published under the GPL v3.  If you are interested in accessing the source code for this application, please visit the Developer Site on Google Code.  GVL was built with the Google Voice Java API.

If you enjoy Google Voice Locations, please consider making a donation to support the maintenance and continued improvement of this application.


Login: Google Voice Locations requires a Google Voice account.  


Main Menu: Quickly view your current location profile.  Use the Menu Button to access the Locations, Settings, and Quick Ring Settings. 

Dialer: The official Google Voice application uses access numbers to place calls directly.  The iPhone version preserves the option of Callback as in the Desktop version, but this option has been removed in the Android version.  Restoring this functionality was the motivation for recreating a fully functional Callback Dialer.  Not only does it allow calling back the originating Android phone, but it allows initiating calls from other phones in your Google Voice account.

If used correctly, the Callback Dialer will help you save on cell phone minutes.  Place calls easily on landlines. Cleverly turn "Friends and Family" style plans into unlimited calling plans.  The GVL Dialer has access to the address book.  Making calls is easy.

Other apps available on the market integrate a Callback Choice for all calls initiated through the phone's Dialer in the same way that the official Google Voice app can offer a with or without Google Voice choice.  Unfortunately, this can cause interference on many phones meaning you must choose one app or the other.  One motivation for recreating a Dialer was to avoid this conflict so this app and the official Google Voice app can coexist in harmony.


Settings: Since the last version, Google Voice Locations has become much more feature rich.  Taskbar notifications now can be optionally enabled.  Frequencies of Location and Google Updates can be adjusted to preserve battery life or improve performance and accuracy.


Location Preferences: The central feature is the ability to define phone ring setting based upon location.  A background service runs to detect location changes and enforce preferences.

Quick Ring Settings: Currently Set or "Quick" Ring Settings can be accessed from the Main Menu.  In this section, users can quickly view what phones are enabled to ring, and make rapid adjustments.  In making changes, the Location sensitive Background Service is disabled to prevent regression. The Background Service can be re-enabled in the Settings Menu.

By the way, did you know if you hit * after answering an incoming call to your Google Voice number, you can transfer the call to your other Google Voice phones?  Try it out.