The Greenbrier Valley
Dodgeball League

The Greenbrier Valley Dodgeball League



Greenbrier Valley Physical Therapy & Fitness has joined the National Amateur Dodgeball Association (NADA) and has added the Greenbrier Valley Dodgeball League to their list of many programs.


NADA was created as a recreational pursuit for nontraditional sport enthusiasts.  Teamwork and strategy are more valuable factors in dodgeball than athletic skill and individual competitiveness.  Dodgeball is now safe and more enjoyable with rubber coated foam balls, safety conscious rules, and a festive tournament atmosphere where all ages can play.


Local media dodgeball coverage has included articles in the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald, Pioneer Press, and television spots on WGN-TV.  Nationally, dodgeball has been featured on national radio talk shows, Fox News Channel, TIME magazine, Comedy Central's The Daily Show, various newspapers around the country and HBO Sports.


Locally the GVDL has been featured in the West Virginia Daily News, Valley Ranger, the Times of Greenbrier Valley, and the Mountain Messenger.

Come to play or come to watch.


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1st Annual GVDL Halloween Tournament

The GVDL held its 1st Annual Halloween Tournament Tuesday, October 30th with over 40 members present.  A costume contest was held and GVDL T-shirts were given out to the top three winners.  Team Cornbread won the tournament with a total of 37 points.  

                                     Halloween with the GVDL