Sampling of G.V. Desani's Writings, Lectures and Interviews

  • Quality two-part video interview with G.V. Desani in July, 1989, just days before Desani turned 80, is available on YouTube as of July, 2016 courtesy "An Admirer."

  • Google Books has published well over half of The New York Review of Books edition of All About H. Hatterr as a "preview".

  • Book review of Christopher Isherwood's Ramakrishna and His Disciples entitled Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa appeared in May 1, 1966 edition of The Illustrated Weekly of India (PDF).

  • Contribution to a political postmortem, J.F.K. As I Saw Him, appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India in the 1960s (PDF).

  • Lecture entitled Ethics, Nirvana & Sundry Items delivered in Bombay (Mumbai) by G.V. Desani to invited business executives. The lecture was transcribed and published in India in the late 1960s.

  • Poetic-style essay entitled Airlines Carry Me to Kahira ... I've Tired of Tamil Nadu! from G.V. Desani's signed column No Reason, No Rhyme. The occasional column appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India in the last 1960s (PDF).

  • Academic paper by G.V. Desani entitled An Indian View of God, Cosmos, Love, Marriage, Sex, et cetera. The paper included Desani's contribution to the "I Believe..." articles published in The Illustrated Weekly of India in the late '60s, as well as his summaries of contributions made by other prominent Indians to the series (PDF).

  • Several articles from G.V. Desani's unsigned column Very High and Very Low which appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India in the 1960s (PDF).

  • Travelogue describing the author's brief visit to Chicago, A Passage to the Midwest U.S.A. -- Fly High to Chicago, appeared in the University College Quarterly, Michigan State University (1979) (PDF).

  • Article describing the author's time living in the ancient Indian city Varanasi, The Benares That Was, appeared in the literary magazine ANON (1970) (PDF).

  • Full-length contribution to a political postmortem, Jawaharlal Nehru: An Assessment, appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India (1965) (PDF).

  • Political commentary, Indian Affairs, an Appraisal, Parts 1 and 2, appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India (Jan. 26, 1964 and Feb. 2, 1964) (PDF).

  • Academic paper, Mostly Concerning Kāmā and her Immortal Lord, appearing in 1973 in Indian Horizons (PDF).

  • Lecture, Yoga and Vipassanā Meditation, delivered in Rangoon to the Burmese Supreme Court Justice U Chan Toon, among others. Recorded and transcribed by the Burmese Army Educational Corps, 1961. (PDF)

  • Another article from Desani's Illustrated Weekly of India column No Reason, No Rhyme is available as of this writing.

  • Another excerpt of All About H. Hatterr appears in Writing Black Britain 1948-1998, Manchester University Press.

    G.V. Desani's writings and lectures are copyright © UNICEF. All rights reserved.