Gonzague Vannoorenberghe

              Associate professor
IRES, Université Catholique de Louvain
              Pl. Montesquieu 3,                                          
              1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
              Tel.:+32 10 47 4337                 
              e-mail: gonzague.vannoorenberghe "at" uclouvain "dot" be



Imported input varieties and product innovation: evidence from five developing countries, joint with Marijke Bos, accepted for publication at Review of International Economics

“Trade Liberalization and TFP Spillovers: Evidence from India”, joint with Marijke Bos, Canadian Journal of Economics, vol.51, p.549-606, May 2018 [pdf]

"Inter-sectoral labor reallocation in the short-run: the role of occupational similarity", joint with Malik Curuk, Journal of International Economics, vol. 108, p.20-36, September 2017 [pdf]

"Volatility and Diversification of Exports: Firm-Level Theory and Evidence",
joint with Zheng Wang and Zhihong Yu, European Economic Review, vol. 89, p.216-247, October 2016, [pdf]

"Trade and the political economy of redistribution", joint with Eckhard Janeba, Journal of International Economics, vol. 98(1), p.233-244, January 2016, [pdf].

"Patience and long-run growth", joint with Malte Hübner, Economics Letters, vol. 137, p.163-167, December 2015, [pdf].

"International trade, risk taking and welfare", Journal of International Economics, vol.92(2), p.363-374, March 2014, [pdf]

"Firm-level volatility and exports", Journal of International Economics, vol. 86(1), p.57-67, January 2012[pdf] ,  Online Appendix  [pdf]

"Trade between symmetric countries, heterogeneous firms and the skill premium", Canadian Journal of Economics, vol.44(1), p.148-170, February 2011 Link

Working Papers

"Trade liberalisation, heterogeneous firms and endogenous investment" [pdf]

Work in Progress

 "A theory of new trade agreements", with Mathieu Parenti

 "Inferring within-country inequality from trade data", with Dorothee Hillrichs

 "Fiscal expansion in a small open economy", with Zongxin Qian

 "Time preferences and the current account" with Malte Hübner

Curriculum Vitae
CV in pdf

2009            PhD in economics, University of Mannheim (Germany), Summa cum Laude
                   Thesis title: Essays in international trade with heterogeneous firms
                   Supervisor: Eckhard Janeba
2004            MSc "International macroeconomics and finance", University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, U.K.), Summa cum laude
2003            Diploma of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po), Cum laude