right vs. left

I'm one of those persons whose right side of the brain is in constant battle with the left side. I'm analytical, and like numbers. Yet I have developed a creative side, too. It's like a chronic disease which relapses every once in a while. Sometimes it's writing,  playing music (the guitar), singing,  painting or even cooking (which has its creative part).  I enjoy being creative, even if I'm not that good at it. 

My most recent artsy project was the design of our wedding website.  Although one could say that my thesis is the one piece which is draining all of my creative self.

my cat

Meet Jack, my cat. We adopted him when he was about three months old. Used to be the cutest little kitten, but now that he's aged, he
has turned into a mischievous little brat who shows no mercy to my feet. Still, he's quite affectionate to theez huminz that he's familiar with.