My publications are listed on the next page and most them can be downloaded either as Word or pdf files. My CV is available as an attachment below. My current research interests are linked. One is associated with the democratisation of knowledge through the Internet, especially the use of the Internet to enable teachers of history to enhance and update their subject knowledge through professional dialogue with university historians. The other research area is international comparison in the field of the history curriculum, looking at the dynamics within the relationships between how teachers, politicians, university historians and the general public see (a) the history of the country both for itself and in wider regional and international contexts both spatially and chronologically, and (b) history education itself as a form of contextualised historical thinking and historical literacy. This builds on experience I had as a member of the English DES National Curriculum History Working Group 1989 - 1990. I am currently editing a book: History Wars and the Classroom: Global Perspectives. My co-editor is Associate Professor Tony Taylor of Monash University Melbourne, Australia. The ten countries which the contributing authors will examine are: England, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Japan, Germany and Russia.
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