People Page

It's a page. Of people 

If you're in my nindo, you're probably here. If you're not in my nindo, you might be here too. The character limit is decidedly larger. You probably don't want to go through the whole list, so I've listed you guys by your username. Ctrl+F your username to find yourself quickly.

XdemonofdespairX - my ex-fiance. meh.

abdoulaye - My uber-cool, cute kid sidekick! He's a little ebil, but aren't we all? We've got matching t-shirts! He's got a lime green one that says 'Lime' and I've a bright pink one that says 'GuyTrap'. Also he's got a yellow shirt that says 'Sidekick' and my grey one says 'SuperHero'.

MokiMoki - I used to tell my chair buddies stories, but really I was always telling them for Moke.
Inokikun - Had been around when I first made this account, but left to train elsewhere. His avatars are always hawt.

Ryuku - His mod duties sent him away from me. He's a good boy, and I miss him.

vahn - My sensei. He guided my training, and I can't thank him enough.

comprehension2 - We're traveling together. We pick on one another. His hair is entirely too long! He's my best friend. Don't tell him I admitted that!! At first, I didn't want to be friends, because it would make it hard for me to kill him, but I got over that. And now he pwns my face.

glint - Poor glint. I'm underage, dear. Anyway, he's always kind to me, and I'm totally in his nindo. win!

theshadow99 - My squad leader. I fear her, and I love her. I live for her praise. From my viewpoint, that's a healthy relationship. Well, now that she's Kage, she's technically not my squad leader.

copper_head - He's like an overprotective older male friend. Wait, that's exactly what he is.

LoveRu - She's cool. And I don't usually get along well with girls. She gave me coupons. Awesome.

Burning_Gundam - Buddy! He knows his StarWars, but is always trying to get me to join the Dark Side. Has he not met me? I am such the uber ebil.

drezan - He's back? Wow. I'm waiting for him to catch up so we can have a good fight! But I know he'll pass me up soon, with that bloodline of his.

gogeta11 - I lovered her from the start!

BeautifulLove - She wanted to be pink.

DaShhhNinja - He's my self-proclaimed personal stalker. Don't you wish you had one? I made his avatar, because I'm cool like that.

JanshinSama - He's a deary. Such a sweet guy. 

UnderCoverBrother - I'm his Jiggy~jangles fo-real. Willis be my Pimp-Suga dance-tastic Mr. Mickkles. We hard-core disco represent.

Voidsycthe - Void is my Sugar Daddy! He paid for levels 28-49 of my Snake's Embrace!

kakarot_gogo - He called me 'tiger' one time. That sufficiently amused me to add him to this list.

hell_kaiser - We're opposite but just the same. We complement one another. He's a good friend, very smart and intuitive, too.