That stands for 'Frequently Asked Questions,' for any nubs present.

Q: What do I need to go chuunin?
A: If you have to ask that, you are not ready to be a chuunin. Also, if your gens aren't capped, you have no business taking the exam anyway.

Q: Why are you so mean?
A: I'm not mean, you're a wuss.

Q: See, you ARE mean.
A: That's not a question. See how it ends with a period?

Q: Don't you like my avi, isn't it great?
A: No. Get out of my face.

Q: Want to have a fight?
A: Sure, I'll send.
Q:No, I meant a tavern fight! See, I'm a really super demon kitty hamburger who can never be killed. A: I can kill you, your stats are pathetic.
Q: Well, in the tavy, I can make up stuff as I go. That way, you can't ever win and I'll just frustrate you until you give up.
A: >.<

Q: Why don't you like me?
A:I never said that. But you just asking that question made me not like you.

Q: What does my bloodline do?
A: Visit the forums, if the answer's not there then anybody that knows is obviously not telling anyway.

Q: OMG YOUR a GIRL?!!!one!!111?
A: Yes, examine a person's profile every once in a while. And you don't have to notify me that you were oblivious to my gender.

Q: You're useful, join my clan.
A: No thank you.

Q: OMG, you just obliterated me in that fight/spar! Join my clan/group.
A: If I can beat the leader of a clan, why would I want to join that group of weaklings? (And yes, this has happened to me before.)

Q: Can I have some ryo?
A: No, no you cannot. Can I have some ryo?

Q: Will you be my sensei?
A: No, I'm a chuunin, GTFO.

Q: You're getting stronger!
A: Thank you, that is encouraging.

Q: You used to be stronger, why are you getting weak?
A: I'm not getting weak, you are probably training more often than I am. I attend school and I work about four days a week. You see a has-been, but you're looking at a caged beast.

Q: Are you rping? I can't tell the difference when you are being real and when you are rping.
A: Me neither. My personality as Venus' GuyTrap is only slightly different than who I am in rl. I automatically shift to being her when I hit the keyboard. So I might tell someone about my rl day through GuyTrap's voice.
I act differently on other forums than I do on my VenusGuyTrap account, and my alt has a different personality as well. I don't know why, and I don't consider the fact that I change from account to account 'being fake.'

Q: How don't you see that as fake? Seems fake to me.
A: You see, on a weak alt I generally show the populace more respect than I do on my main.
If I'm in a forum frequented by mainly children, I am very nice to everyone.
In an intellectual discussion/forum I think I show much less emotion so as to not detract any validity from my posts. I make my manner of speaking appropriate to the situation. It's a very automatic thing.