A Story

A story of origins and names 

Sweet Aphrodite lay upon a grassy riverbank feeling the flow of liquid on her fingertips. The riverbank didn't particularly mind her presence.

Aphrodite, born of sea foam, was thinking over her experiences in the living realm. Labor of the cognitive nature did not put fair Venus into the most agreeable of moods.

"What deplorable creatures these mortals are," revealed Aphrodite unto the air.  It was not that any Men had abandoned her, endowment of supernatural charms had seen to that;  she had merely come to find that none could come to par.

Mischief shone in the eyes of Poseidon's Princess. Jupiter's mean streak was finally going to manifest itself in Venus' poised form.

Of earth and ivy, Aphrodite shaped a frame. An implement to dole her castigations to Man was to be had here.

Aphrodite gave the girl a face, a sentience, and a distinctive personality; she gave the maiden life with a strewing of river water.  One thing her creation was not given - a name.

It was not deemed fit by Aphrodite to name the plague she was to set upon the masculine gender.  Venus left her creation there on the riverbank with an eternal insult: the people of land would forever call her by the name of her Mistress.


It was such that Venus' Guytrap came into being, cursed to cause pain for every male who showed her affection . . . and many who didn't.