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Summer on the NY Waterfront—Saturday July 29, 2017

The calendar suggests the summer of 2017 is ready for us to come out to one of our favorite iconic New York settings; upper New York Harbor. This is a land based outing on New York Harbor, followed by an outdoor meal; in the event of foul weather we have contingency plans which will bring us indoors for both parts of the evening if needed. This is also a one site, two venue outing, sounds confusing, but it is not. We will mix and mingle overlooking New York harbor as well as the setting sun over New Jersey, followed by a short 1 minute walk to a very casual and easy Beer Garden.

At the mix and mingle beverages (soft drinks, beer, wine, & cocktails) are available for purchase. You could also bring your own bottle of water if you didn’t want to buy anything just listed. As previously mentioned we will change locations for dinner. The dinner venue features burgers, salads, finger foods, and general Beer Garden offerings. You’ll be able to eat dinner here for less than $20.00 excluding tax, tip, and beverages. We think this will afford us a great opportunity to gather as the group of friends that we are. As you know it is tough finding a place for dinner in NYC, on a weekend night, with a large group of people; but once again we found just such a place. And you should make sure you are a part of this excellent evening of good sights, good food, and most importantly good people like you & us.

The Plan for Saturday, July 29, 2017

6:15 to 7:15 mix and mingle on waterfront

7:15 to 7:16 walk to dinner location

7:16 to about 9:00 PM dinner

RSVP Procedure

You must mail in $20.00, in cash only; include the following information:  your name, address, telephone number, e-mail as well as a self-addressed stamped return envelope. This is the only way to secure your place for July 29th. Some of you have been told you needn’t mail in your RSVP, this is still true; please email us your RSVP. For everyone else please do not send an email explaining why you can’t RSVP by mail, “snail-mail” is the RSVP method for you, for now. Once you become a regular reliable attendee, this courtesy will be extended to you too!


An e-mail confirmation with all the location specifics will be sent to those who RSVP for the gathering by Friday, July 28th. If we are able to confirm a place for you, your $20.00 and return envelope will be given back to you on Saturday, July 29th. If you do not show up, your $20.00 will be used to offset the expenses of running this group. If you RSVP as described above, and your plans change, lets us know by Thursday, July 27th and we will gladly send back your $20.00 RSVP deposit in the self-addressed stamped envelope you provided. It is better to RSVP now; you can always cancel by July 27th without cost or penalty. And all RSVPs must be received at our P.O. Box below by Thursday, July 27th.


G&G’s mailing address remains:

Guys And Girls

P.O. Box 251

New York, NY 10014


Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask them by e-mail. Or if you would like to speak to someone directly leave a telephone number in your email, and someone will call you back promptly.


Please remember we have brochures which need to be placed in your doctor or healthcare provider’s offices. Ask us to send you brochures, this is a cooperative effort, the more we each do the more we each benefit.


We look forward to seeing you in July.


Positively Yours


Guys And Girls


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