Welcome to my personal webpage.

I'm currently Deputy Division Chief at Research Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

I joined the IMF in 2004 and, since then, have worked in multiple areas, including surveillance and program in various country teams (Chile, Romania, Uruguay, Turkey, Indonesia), development of IMF credit facilities, review of IMF programs, analytical work for Western Hemisphere's Regional Economic Outlook, etc.

Recently, at the Research Department, my work has focused on foreign exchange intervention, exchange rates, capital flows and external adjustment.

I currently co-lead the production of the External Sector Report on Global Imbalances and the assessment of systemic countries' external positions and exchange rates.

Before joining the IMF, I was professor at National University of Tucumán (Argentina).



PhD in Economics, University of California—Los Angeles (UCLA), 2004

M.A. in Economics, University of California—Los Angeles (UCLA), 2002

B.A. in Economics (Licenciatura en Economía), Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT), Argentina, 1999


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