This app ("URL Shortener") is in no way affiliated nor endorsed by Google Inc.

Privacy Policy

This app does not store any password nor require you to enter any. Authentication to your Google Account is strictly done through Android and Google APIs.

This app relies on URL Shortener from Google ( Hence, by using this app, you agree with the privacy implications of using this service.
See Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for their policies regarding your information.

You also accept terms of the Google URL Shortener service. Google URL Shortener Help Page explains it all, but the interesting bits are:
  • short URLs are randomly generated, and the mappings of short URLs to long URLs are publicly accessible.
  • The short URLs do not publicly reveal the identity of the user who created that URL mapping.
  • The short URL history for a user is accessible only when signed in using that Google Account.
  • The analytics for all short URLs are displayed in aggregate.

Why asking for "Contacts" permission

The application requires the "Contacts" permission to Sign in.
It's the only way to let you pick your Google account without having you type any password (typically, it just lists the "" addresses you may have).
Specifically, the GET_ACCOUNTS permission is the one that triggers "Contacts" to be asked.

Don't worry - the app does not access nor send actual contacts on your phone.

Information the app collects

The application doesn't have any backend nor sends any information to servers own by the application developer.
Regarding the information displayed in the app, it only use APIs provided by Google to shorten URLs and retrieve your history.

Application usage information is tracked using Google Analytics for Android, in accordance with Google Analytics Privacy Policy, to help determine which features are most popular, how they are being used, and how the application can be improved. No personally identifiable information is sent back regarding your use of the application, or data that permanently identifies a particular device.

Crash reports are collected from this app, and are available to the developer on the Google Play Developer Console. This is standard for all applications distributed this way. Reports contains no personally identifiable information, just information about the error (version of Android, country, etc.).

For any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or usage of this app, please contact the developer on Google Play.
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