Guru Design Publisher's Toolbox

Guru Design Publisher's Toolbox

Guru Design provides local magazine publishers with Award Winning ad services at

1/3 to 1/2 OFF the cost of an inhouse designer!!

The Ad Management Tools That

Keeps Clients Joyfully Yelling,

Budgets Foretelling, Renewals Compelling

& Sales Reps. Out Selling!

Ad building packages

Unlimited Revisions on ALL Ads Built

Award Winning Ad Designer

Ad FTP Service

Ad Preflight Services

Ad Warehousing

Ad Archiving

Ad Tracking Services

Custom Illustrations, Charts & Maps

Ad Material Collection and Production

    • Ad Repair Services

    • Ad Pick Up Service

    • Ad Stock Photography Services

    • New Business Ad Support

Logo Service Packages

Ad Collateral Support

Magazine Cover Design

Ads Built with Adobe® Products

Online Ads and Publications

Guru Design Rates

($62 Per Hour or 1 year contract $52 Per Hr.)

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Ask for Adam

If you are not 100% satisfied with the ads presented, Guru Design will continue to produce additional options until you are. That's our promise.

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