Guru Online Magazines
Online magazines are a powerful multimedia that allows you to show your target audience what your company is doing and selling without spending a fortune on print costs.Online magazines can be viewed on a personal computer, or hand held device.  Features in these online publications can include:

Magnification Capabilities
Online Forms
Security features
And more...

Click the orange button below to see a sample of an online digital catalog that Guru Designer Adam Evans created using the features mentioned above:

Video (on page 11)
Audio (on page 12)
Zoom features
Hyperlinks (on Page 24),
An online form (on page 25),
Printing and download options 
Bookmarks & more.

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Top 5 reasons for online magazines:

  1. You can literally save thousands by eliminating printing and mailing costs. Online magazines cost pennies when compared to traditional printing.

  2. Online magazines provide an entertaining, interactive experience.

  3. They can be linked to, emailed or e-blasted  to a database or a target audience and forwarded by people that like what you offer.

  4. They are SEO friendly and searchable in an online archive extending their shelf life.

  5. Many companies are using online magazines because they make a smaller footprint in the environment than print publications.