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Call for Papers

The submission deadline for abstracts (10/31) has passed

GURT 2016 is seeking proposals for papers, posters, colloquia, or works-in-progress that address the theme, “Useful assessment and evaluation in language education” and relate to any of the following topics:
  • Language program evaluation at work: Uses, frameworks, methods, examples
  • Learning-oriented assessment: Design and evaluation for use in language classrooms 
  • Student learning outcomes assessment: Accreditation, accountability, and improvement 
  • Assessment consequences: Investigating the impact of assessments on language learners, teachers, schools, communities, and societies 
  • Validity evaluation: Determining and improving the quality of assessments in use
  • Social dimensions of language assessment
  • Assessment innovations for testing new constructs and meeting new demands

Submission Guidelines

Use the link at the bottom of the page to access the submission form.
  • If you are submitting an individual paper, poster, or work-in-progress, please be prepared to copy and paste your title, abstract, and summary into text boxes at our submission interface (see below).
  • If you are submitting a colloquium, please be prepared to upload the colloquium proposal file (in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf formats) via our submission interface (see below).
Contact the conference organizers for alternative submission formats at

All submissions should include the following:
  • Author(s) contact information and other details:
    • Full name of principal presenter and contact information: affiliation, telephone, mailing address, email. All return correspondence will be to this individual only.
    • Full names, affiliations, and email addresses of co-presenter(s) if any
  • Presentation/Abstract details
    • Presentation title (15 word limit)
    • Abstract (300 word limit): Extended description of the presentation for committee review
    • Presentation Summary (50 word limit): A brief description to be included in the conference program
    • Abstract should be prepared for blinded review (no reference to the author or the author’s home institution included in the abstract)

Individual Papers

  • Papers should be formal presentations on a topic related to language assessment or evaluation research or practice
  • Papers are presented by one or more authors within a 20-minute period, plus 5 minutes for discussion.


  • Works-in-progress are short (10-minute) presentations by one or more presenters on assessment or evaluation research or practice
  • Works-in-progress are delivered in a block with other works-in-progress presentations (with five-minute breaks between each presentation).

Poster Presentations

  • Posters should be visual displays of assessment or evaluation research, practice, or development
  • Posters are presented by one or more authors for 1 hour and accompanied by a presenter (for discussion with poster audience).


  • Colloquia entail the presentation of multiple prepared papers on a related topic or theme, followed by structured discussion of those papers.
  • Colloquia proposals should be clear about the overall theme/topic, objectives, and participants involved (e.g., the organizer, paper presenters, discussants).
  • One of the main goals of this format is to foster dialogue among attendees, and time should be allocated for audience discussion (2-hour time slots).