Plenary Speakers

Michael Kane
Educational Testing Service

Making assessments useful in language education
or “fine words butter no parsnips”

John McE. Davis
Georgetown University

Language program evaluation in contemporary
language education: Current practices, future directions

Richard Kiely
University of Southampton

Developing students’ self-assessment skills: The role of the teacher

Lorena Llosa
New York University

The relationship between language proficiency and content knowledge in the assessment of English language learners in schools
Invited Colloquia

Dorry Kenyon, Meg Malone
Center for Applied Linguistics

Uses for and consequences of language proficiency tests
for students and teachers

Overview of Colloquia (CAL)
Jennifer Renn, Justin Kelly, Jennifer Norton, Michele Kawood, David MacGregor, Cary Lin, and Dorry Kenyon

Constant Leung
King's College London

What's in a name? New constructs in
language assessment 

Overview of Colloqui (Constant)
Chris Davison, Martin East, Liz Hamp-Lyons,
Yongcan Liu & Michael Evans, and Jim Purpura

Marta González-Lloret

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Evaluating technology-mediated language education

Overview of Colloquia
Jonathan Leakey, Katie Nielson,
Jim Ranalli, and Estella Chen